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Welcome to Aven's Corner. Aven is our 3 year old son with autism. I am Aven's father and the co-creator of this site. As long as I can remember I have always been fascinated with the inner workings of objects, spinning wheels, and insects. Growing up I frequently "stimmed" with my fingers in front of my face when I was deep in thought or excited. These fascinations presented unique learning difficulties for me. My parents worked very hard to find ways to engage me and help me learn. I grew up to become a software developer and It was not until I met my wife, a special education teacher, that I realized my strange quirks could possibly be a form of mild autism.

     When Aven was diagnosed with ASD I felt as though  we had a unique bond that most people could not understand. He also displays the same "stimming" behavior I do. Instead of cartoons and toys Aven focuses on things like fans, ants, and helicopters.  We wanted to get Aven involved in using the computer but we found that most online games for kids were too busy, small, and cluttered for Aven. He needed

a game that was full screen with no distractions and a unique reinforcer that would stimulate his mind. My wife and I decided to write a few simple games to teach Aven how to use the computer and turn his fascination with certain objects into a learning experience. Aven quickly learned how to move the mouse over items and eventually learned how to click on objects. He responded so well that I have continued making games for him and Aven's Corner was born. 

     All of the free kids games at Aven’s Corner are developed with young children with autism in mind, but they appeal to all children because of their simplicity.  We have also included fun online kids activities for parents and teachers to do with their children. We hope that our site is beneficial to your child and you have a great time at Aven's Corner!

We want thank everyone one that has supported us. If you wish to support us by linking to Aven's Corner you can use the banner below by simply copying the html out of the box.

We welcome all comments, feedback, and ideas. We are very interested in how other children have responded to our games and what we could do to improve them. So go ahead, drop us a line below or email us here.

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Peg Williams Psychology Today Magazine
8:29:22 AM
AUTISM-Upcoming Editorial Coverage
Good Morning In our upcoming issue, Nov/Dec 2010 we will be covering AUTISM. The reason for contacting you is to see if you would be interested in advertising in this issue. Let me know if you wo...
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8:22:15 AM
Link Exchange Request
I have some of education, electricity sites and my sites are doing fine in major search engines.Your input is very much appreciated i would like to congratulate you for that, While searching in Google...
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11:13:40 AM
For SPD children
I want to say thank you very much for this website. My son has SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder). This website helps him a lot. I write a blog on homeschooling a SPD child and will be adding this to m...
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3:04:15 PM
Thank you!
I am a new teacher with a class of 5 very busy boys with Autism, aged 7 to 10. This site has been wonderful for us as both a learning tool and a downtime activity. My students are all able to enjoy ...
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3:29:14 AM
I am going to try with my son that is two (not clear yet if ASD or not, but for sure has Avens same fascinations). Im going to try to use the touch screen monitor of our new laptop....(mouse perhaps...
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5:58:06 PM
Unique and Imformative
My Three year old son and even my ten year son enjoys the games here at Avens.I love it too.It gives me a lot of ideas on how to teach my son English.Many ,many thanks!!!
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11:32:44 AM
Im sort of a blogger newbie but when I tried to link using your html code I got nothing. Any ideas? I love your site. My four year old was just diagnosed with I am looking for new reso...
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2:22:52 PM
mom of ASD triplets
Great site, FYI, may want to add another fantastic site to your "list", Zacs Browser (developed by a grandfather for his autistic grandson), my son was so adamant to navigate on his own through this s...
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8:30:22 AM
Love this!
Booge, I love this part "About this Site". I love the way you shared about yourself. This was heart touching for me. I love the way you added Twitter to it as well. The site is getting better and...
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Diane R
1:20:15 PM
Mom of danny
Thank you for this site.finaly a site that Danny, a 3yr old diagnosed ASD, can enjoy!
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6:01:46 PM
Thanks so much for this site!
My daughter LOVES these games. She plays the name game and dances with the book worm. So cute!
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5:49:20 AM
Thank you for this site!!!
Our son has really enjoyed all the games you have created. We have had allot of fun with the name game.
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