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Computer Time Tips

At Aven’s Corner we encourage parents to play with their child. We hope that our preschool online games offer opportunities for you and your child to play and have fun together. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your child’s computer time.
  • Set limits.
  • Practice turn taking skills with your child. For instance if you are playing the bubble game  take turns popping.
  • Make sure your child is interacting with you as well. For example in the name game or the wiggle worm game when the worm dances- you dance and encourage your child to dance with you.
  • Ask questions about the game your child is playing. If you are playing the farmyard game ask your child what animal is making the sound. Encourage your child to make the animal noise as well.
  • Facilitate turn taking among siblings, allowing them to play together.
  • Point interesting things out on the screen to your child. Encourage them to do so as well.
  • Encourage your child to talk about what they are doing as they are playing the game.
  • If your child has learned a new skill while playing some of our games make sure to find ways to generalize that skill in the “real world”.
Tahirih Bushey, a speech and language pathologist has some great “rules for computer” for parents of children with autism here. She also has a wealth of game ideas for you and your child to play together and help increase your child’s social and language skills. You can find her website at